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Friday, February 20, 2009

Scraps for a Memory

Wow... Here's a really simple and totally splendid idea for using up some of those gazillion fabric scraps you've been accumulating... Create a Memory game out of them!!

Proving to be both a delightfully textural and visual treat.

Isn't it just The Bomb!
Absolutely love it!

I've got a bundle of scraps from the last "I Spy" quilt I made that would just be too perfectly suited for this task. So Go On! Take a stroll over to Inchmark's and discover the fun for yourself!

What a totally Stellar idea... Love, Love, Love it!
And you will too --- Guaranteed :)

1 comment:

one little acorn said...

I love this too - thanks for sharing. It would look great as wall art too. Perfect in a studio...