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Monday, November 10, 2008

Twilight Wrap Up... Done and Done

Alrighty... So Thankfully Book 3: Eclipse was far and away better than New Moon.
I didn't have the urge to stab myself or slap someone through the whole read. What a relief.

Book 4: Breaking Dawn. A Whopping (nearly) 800 pager. Didn't love it... didn't hate it.
But boy did my wrists get tired propping up this sucker.
I'd heard all kinds of things about this book like:
- die hard fans just hated it
- it was all sexed out ... ie: hot and erotic
WTF?? Hmmm... did these folks get a different copy than I did?? Honestly I'm at a loss as to why die hard fans or any other fans for that matter would hate it. It's a whole lot like the other books and not nearly as obnoxious as New Moon... so beats me.
And as for the sex - What Sex?? The book I read didn't have ANY sex whatsoever. As in NONE. I've read more graphic tales scrawled on bathroom walls. Sure there are a few references... implicit ramblings toward intimacy - but they're about as steamy as the kissing passages in the previous books. We're talking a "G" rating here folks... perhaps a "PG" if you're a complete and total prude.
Good grief - the birthing scene is more perspicuous.
I didn't totally dig the pregnancy/daughter storyline - but what are you gonna do.
The ending is a bit anti-climatic... but really, did anyone actually anticipate anything different?
I'm looking forward to Book 5 - written from Edward's perspective. That should prove to be very interesting.

All in all - it's a good series and a nice read. I'd recommend it (suggesting that folks skip Book 2 altogether and vie for a synopsis of it instead). I'll most likely reread Books 1, 3 & 4 at a later date.

So now the big question is.... what's next?? I'm stumped - if you've read something cool or interesting lately please speak up... share with the class. I'm in desperate need of some new (or least ways new to me) titles and/or authors.

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cara said...

LOL~ Sounds like you and I had the same experience with Breaking Dawn. I liked it better the 2nd time.. but I still skimmed over the obnoxious.."you are my everything" stuff..lol!!! I've been reading Anne LeClaire books.. I picked one up at the library once, she's not to bad, easy weekend read. Entering Normal was the first one I read..