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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cool Kitsch!

What's not to love?? Mini Gumball Machines?? GET OUT!!
I love this kind of shit. I love anything that's either miniaturized or mega enlarged.
Most of you know about my mini lunch box collection.... But. Did you know about my miniature sewing machine collection?? Auyup... they're awesome and I can only imagine your envy.

I'm thinking these would be too hip for H-Man's 3rd birthday party... coming up in February.
Love, love, love it :) If you're like me and are dying to pick some for your next shin dig --
here's where to snatch'em up.


Holly Crosley said...

Hey there -
You can also make them, pretty cheap, with painted terra cotta pots. Flip it over, hot glue a fish bowl on top (open side up, obv), and use the bottom of the pot as the top of the fish bowl with a round wooden ball glued for "handle". Fill with whatever (I like Jelly Belly's). You do have to lift the top to get them out, so it isn't exactly like a gumball machine, but they make cute gifts (especially good to keep on hand when someone you weren't expecting gives you a gift!). You can paint them as funky or detailed (or not) as you want.

dianne - bunny trails said...

Fun, fun, fun! I haven't seen those in forever. My mom got me one many years ago and I just loved it. It was fully-functioning, although we used the teeny weeny jawbreakers in it, cause that seemed to fit best.

Totally cool for a birthday party. And of course, I am envying your miniature sewing machines. :D