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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Twilight... To Finish or Not to Finish

I'm a pretty avid reader... usually getting through 3 to 5 books a week, depending on how crazy things get around here. I'd heard about the Twilight Series, but honestly had totally stayed clear of it once I'd seen it labeled as "young adult". Teenie bopper characters and situations sounded like a whole lot of 'Ick' to me.

Then, awhile back (easily 6 months or more) Lea over at Notes After Dusk wrote something intriguing about the series. I can't recall what exactly it was and can't send you over there to read it yourself because she's since strip mined her blog and started over again... but it was enough to pique my interest, reconsider and willingly file it away. Where I admit, it sort of got forgotten about.

Most recently my friend Holly mentioned that she was reading them, bringing the idea back into the foreground. So this past weekend while out, about and looking over the books at Sam's Club I found the first two books. I figured what the hell... Lea's totally too cool for school and she's got good taste. In addition to that Holly's reading them - they can't suck completely can they?

Hmmm... alright. So I liked the first book - Twilight, quite a lot. Although, the last 50 pages or so were a little too "teen" inspired for me. The vampire fodder is pretty light and watered down - which was disappointing. Meyers has some great concepts going and would have greatly enjoyed and appreciated further development of those. Edward is a terrific and really interesting character. Bella, er, not so much. In my personal opinion The Cullen's and Edward deserve a book of their own.

Onto Book 2 - New Moon. Ugh. Bella didn't bother me quite so much during the first book, but ghads. 350 pages of her teenage angst and Major insecurities -mooning, and pining, and whining dragging on for what felt like an eternity (and more than 3/4's of the book) was really more than I could bear. Adding to the fury... No Edward. No Cullen clan. Just Bella, Bella, (gag) Bella. Talk about a Bummer. By the time the author finally throws Edward back into the story it's too little too late. I did like the Jacob Black and werewolf angle... but Bella truly bored me, not to mention seriously grated on my nerves. I kept secretly hoping Victoria would successfully track her sorry ass down and put me out of misery.

So now I'm ready for Books 3 and 4. Someone please tell me they're not as lame as book 2. I'm hesitant to suffer through more of Bella's "I'm not worthy" saga - which honestly after book 2, come on, she's so completely and totally Not. Please tell me she redeems herself in book 3.

Maybe you love Bella - in which case you could explain how a sophisticated 110 year old vampire could dig a whiny ass 18 year old girl who's about as emotionally mature as a 12 year old. Seriously, I keep hoping Eddie will just "drink the wine" already.
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Will I want to shoot myself if I finish the series? Or just Bella?


Holly Crosley said...

Haven't quite gotten to read book 4 yet. Bella has got to be the most boring character in fiction form. She has no hobbies outside of Edward. Book 3 is a little better - more action, less whine. Check out my blog - I am going to spew my thoughts...

Mom said...

I have the first book, Misty sent it to me quite awhile ago, when I was bored, she liked the 1st one, thought I might. I haven't read it yet as busy building jammers ;) but now am interested in starting it soon. Will let you know then.

Anonymous said...

Loni.. I've read all of them.. book 2 was my LEAST favorite.. I loved Twilight, liked Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn I had to read twice to like, hated it the first time.. it pays to read and not skim! I just had to know what happened!