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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book Review... Pretty Little Pincushions

Pretty Little Pincushions Price: 12 Bucks and some Change

I picked up this super cute book a few months back and think it's really too adorable for words. It's chalk full of terrific inspiration and I found the directions for 2 of the projects I've made (thus far) to be easy to follow. Although, honestly - I didn't follow them so much as just look at the pictures for guidance.

Know in advance that there's nothing earth shattering going on here - no one is reinventing the wheel. However, the ideas act as a spectacular springboard and with more than 25 projects featured this book is an absolute steal at this price point. Most of the patterns could be easily manipulated into something similar yet substantially different... different sizes, different materials, different embellishments. Inspiration Galore! Lots of good fodder to get your creative mojo flowing. I heartily recommend it!

For my first project I chose to do the cushion featured on the cover - it's a cinch. Good diagrams and clear instructions - I only needed to read through them once and then just referred back to the photos for reassurance. I could have gone hog wilde with the stitching but (since this is for a very specific friend) I kept it simple. Just about the only thing I did different was add a weighted pocket to the inside. I like a cushion that holds it's ground :) I did all my sewing by hand and it still took under an hour. (perhaps a wee bit longer adding in the embroidery, cuz I'm super duper slow at that)

I think for my next version of this cushion I'm going to use printed cottons and whip it up on my sewing machine. I'm thinking really cute raw edge seams with delightful patchwork sides! For embellishment I'll use some of my fancy dancy machine fonts (stitches). I'm tellin' ya, endless possibilities!

So check it out! I promise you'll love it, so many clever ideas... Very fun projects which would be outstanding quick gifts for anyone special on your list, including yourself! I'm dying to do the little porcupine cushion - which I think looks a lot like a hedgehog. Absolutely Too Damn Cute!
Ooh, or the Voodoo Doll Cushions! Hysterical.

Do you have a Super sweet craft related book that you love? New or Old?

Drop me a line & tell me all the sordid details - Share the love!

I'm always looking to add to my ever growing library :)


Jen Segrest (verybigjen) said...

Oh you did such a good job with my pincushion! Congrats! I'm so glad you liked our book!

Do you have a flickr account? We have a group for projects inspired by the book!


LingoVise Says... said...

Holy Smokes! Would you look at that!! One of the contributors for this hip little book left me a comment and a compliment! Wowzers. Let's talk Bitchin' :)

Well Jen - your pattern rocked! I'm totally looking forward to making a rather large, we're talking Enormous, version of the Eye Ball Cushion!

Thanks ever so much for dropping by... You just made my day. I love the internet.