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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rufflie Pantaloons Pattern

The Facts: I'm so not a girlie girl nor am I a total tom-boy either. I'm somewhere in the middle.
With that said - I want these pants. They're like a legged skirt! And I love to sew... just about anything - except for clothes.

If I beg real loud to my Mom, would she make them? She'd have to alter the pattern - cuz these are for girlie squirtz, and sadly I'm past that prime of life.
It might be a hassle for her... but she's sooo very smart!

I'm yearning for a pair of these Rufflie Pantaloons. I've got some super cute Heather Bailey fabric that would just be terrific for this application. I really want them baaaaaddd.

They'd be so cute as summer Capri's... My Rocket Dogs Need them.
Oooh! They'd also be ultra adorable as PJs!! Too!
Oh Mommy? Dearest Sweet Mom....

Maybe you've got a little girlie who would love these... or perhaps, you're like me & just want them for yourself. Click on the logo at the top for designer info...


Dearest Sweet Mom said...

Okay, Okay , I admit it. I am such a sucker when it comes to begging children, you know how we parents always want to keep our little ones happy ;) and you know how I love ruffles.

LingoVise Says... said...

See... what have I told you - begging always gets them in the end? No,no, I mean - my Mom so totally Rocks!