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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Passing of a Master

I was about 10 when I first heard this album. It was completely earth shattering. Over the course of one summer (1982) it completely altered my life.
Wow! I often stole away into my room and played it over and over again on my own hi-fi with my mega watt head phones attached to my noggin... but not for the reasons you may think.

Lots of kids might have very well gone nuts over the language... but Shhheeeiiiit, I'd heard my Dad string together a slew of much more impressive and shudder worthy expletives :)
Nope, for me it was George's masterful Sarcasm... I think it was really the first time I had actually heard someone talking about life in the same manner that I thought about it. It was Amazing, a revelation! It kicked the door open for me and rocked my world. Sarcasm is such a wonderful display of dry wit and humor and I really thank the GC for clearing the road for me. Showing me that it was perfectly okay to say what I was thinking, and that I wasn't alone. Actually helping liberate me from my shyness (I was painfully shy as a kid) and allowing the person I was inside to bloom.

I gotta tell ya - when I entered the 6th grade I was unrecognizable to most of my friends. I wore my internal confidence on the outside, I walked taller, prouder and was a whole lot mouthier!
I had always had a voice, but this was the year I learned to let it out. Hallelujah!

George Carlin - a Master Swearintologist and Sarcastic Guru has left the building.
Adios Big G... you'll be sorely missed Dear Sir!

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Gwen said...

Oh I know, I was so saddened to hear about it this morning. He was definatley an icon that will be remembered and missed by all that appriciated his dry humor, sarcasm, potty mouth and ability to make all of us realize the never ending use of the the American Language and of course the forbidden 7 words. We all should know what those were ;) He made the use of them funny.. not offensive. So long George..