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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birkenstocks Vs. Milano Blahnik

Do you play Bunco?
It's like a Yahtzee club for women... rather silly, sorta stupid and SO totally lame.
Talk about loads of fun! It gets you out of the house, gets your mind off the heavy stuff and let's be frank - it sure beats electroshock therapy.
Actually, on second thought ---
I think it IS electroshock therapy for me.

I always have a good time... even if the group I attend isn't exactly the Ethel to my Lucy. I'm not an official Regular either, I'm a Scab. Which sort of puts you on the outside looking in, but is full of perks - one being you never have to host an event.

The first few times I played I was pretty sure I had that whole - 'A skunk can't smell it's own stink' - thing going on. Either that, or I had a bad case of leprosy that my husband had neglected to mention.

It could also have something to do with the fact that I'm always the only woman there who is:

1) NOT wearing the entire Clinique make-up counter.
2) NOT dressed like I'm pretending to audition for a Sex and the City episode.
3) wearing socks!! (OMG.... you should witness the stares & the whispering)
4) NOT carrying a Coach Bag... er, Purse.
5) NOT wearing 3" stilettos.
6) thinking that Juicy Couture has to be a new flavor of Juicy Fruit.
7) NOT wearing a tiara (only a Slight exaggeration).

Oddly enough, every time I go to Bunco it reminds me of a bizarre Twilight Zone episode. Where the drunken women of "The Sopranos" and "The Stepford Wives" get together for a crazy night of dice and conversations about potty training, but aren't allowed to smoke. It's cool to experience a sub culture so completely opposite from my own.

I imagine it's a lot like having an out of body experience, totally surreal.

It also provides an enormous amount of side splitting laughter for me & darling husband. The stories I come home with are So totally worth the admission price of being the only Gilligan on a ship full of Gingers.


Jackie said...

I have been in that position many times..mainly in shopping events. How dare I walk round town without make up on?
Did you get your parcel yet? I'm getting worried.

Bunny Trails said...

ROTFL!!! I've never been to bunco, but your account is a riot. I'm definitely the Birk gal, too! So I'd be with you in the surreal version. I look forward to future bunco stories! :D

laurie said...

i love socks.
i wear 'em with my birkenstocks.
i'd wear 'em with mahnolo blahniks, too, if (a) i had any mahnolo blahnks, and, well, i guess (a) is all you need.