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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dreamy Summer Vacations

Some people want to go to Disneyland for summer vacation... Others want to travel to Greece. Lots want to back pack through Europe, hike the Grand Canyon and take a cruise to Alaska.

Those are all Wonderful ideas. Lovely desires. Nothing whatsoever wrong with any of those glorious summer vacation plans. One day even I would probably like to partake in any one or all of those magnificent travel agendas.

But for now... I dream of magical places. Places where I long to lose myself for the whole entire day. Looking and looking and looking at every little thing - drinking in every last detail until my eyes feel like they might bulge right out of my skull (Pop!). Tightly wrap my heart around the experience and Delight in the rapture!

Places like this:
The Lunchbox Museum in Columbus Georgia.

They have OVER 2000 lunchboxes!!

Get outta Here!!! NO WAY! -- You say??

WAAAYYY!!!! -- Says I.

They're even recognized By The Smithsonian Institute. (Golly Gee Whiz, my heart just skipped a beat) Best yet - it'll only set you back 5 Bones (dollas) to get in and marvel at all of these wonders! To fill your olfactories with the heavenly scent of plastics and metal tins, to secretly touch and covet each spectacular sandwich receptacle..... (I need to stop, I feel quite faint.....)

(Sigh, Big Sigh)

I know myself so well, that when I get to finally go - I'll get so overloaded and excited admiring all these historic beauties that I'll most likely shrill a lot and pee a little (I have a very weak bladder).

I've got a little collection of my own... nothing to rival this one of course... but ooohh, One day dear readers, One Day!

Anyone care to see the photos?

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Bunny Trails said...

So . . . where are your photos? Or is that really your collection in the museum shot?!? LOL!!

I didn't know there was such a museum. It's good to learn new things. Thanks for sharing. Fun stuff! :D