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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Procrastination sides with Bill & Ted

I Should be working to get my studio organized right now. I've got a project list of about a hundred things I wanna do, need to finish, and am dying to start. Ugh, are you kidding me? Get serious, it's a mess in there... I can't work under these conditions.

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Yep, this wonderful cartoon by Dave Walker does a splendid job of summing up how I feel about that disaster area. Nicely capturing how I deal with my denial - as if it won't look as bad after a little time away. Yeah, AS IF. Which reminds me - Have you noticed anything peculiar lately? Yes, Hello. The '80's are calling and they want their "Plaid Bermudas" back - I say we get out the water and reconstitute a lot of those 'radical' '80's sayings while we're dressing the part (let's just hope big hair won't be joining us - Like, Gag! me with a spoon, totally). Other forgotten favorites: 'Heinous'... 'Gnarly Dude'... 'Grodie to the Max'... Come on, work with me - try to use 'em in your daily conversations. Like, when you watched 'Bill & Ted', Like were you a willing participant or Like being held hostage by your wannabe Valley Girl friends? Like, Oh My Ghod - Digression is a catalyst for procrastination. If I don't get my rear in gear soon, NASA Scientists will be knocking at the door - looking to research and document the enormous Black Hole that's beginning to materialize in there. Har, har...material-ize... get it.

Okay, so I'm a dork - sue me.


Anonymous said...

proper slang here would be - you're a Dweeb :) ...andie

chelsie said...

Like I totally answered your bodacious tag - check it out, you N.E.R.D. - never-ending radical dude, of course :)

Dad said...

Just suck it up and get busy . It won't get done setting on those cheeks . But if you don't want to just put some more pictures of MISTER - H on the other blog .
Love Dad