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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Name That Tune Answers w/Bonus Playlist

Alrighty... Soooo... Obviously Not a whole helluva lot of Music Fanatics reading this blog.
Talk about a totally Righteous Bummer.

So for the very few who might possibly care...
Here are the answers for my Name That Tune venture... along with a playlist featuring most of the songs. Not all of them mind you... turns out my musical taste must be too profound to be popular.
Songs Bolded in Purple weren't available on Playlist and therefore are missing.
Songs Bolded with ** represent the song... but vary greatly from the version I have.

Go forth... expand your musical horizons... Enjoy.

1) Dropout : Urge Overkill
2) Excess : Tricky
3) Gin Soaked Boy : Tom Waits
4) Zero from Outer Space : Tom Petty
5) She Thinks She's Edith Head : They Might be Giants
6) Short Skirt/Long Jacket : Cake
7) Blood Makes Noise : Suzanne Vega
8) Devil's Haircut : Beck
9) If Love is a Red Dress : Maria McKee
10) Trouble : Cat Stephens
11) Car Song : Elastica
12) Deeper Well : Emmylou Harris
13) Hey : The Pixies
14) Such Great Heights : Iron & Wine
15) Folsom Prison Blues : Johnny Cash
16) Just Say Yes : Ken Andrews
17) The Future : Leonard Cohen
18) Let's Stay Together : Al Green
19) Blue Eyes : Cary Brothers
**20) The Hand that Feeds : NIN
21) Straight to Hell : The Clash
22) Fat Bottomed Girls : Queen
**23) Soundtrack to Mary : Soul Coughing
24) Dr. Bernice : Cracker
25) Little Suicides : The Golden Paliminos

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1 comment:

Holly Crosley said...

I can't believe I didn't get #20. Of course, now I will be singing it all day!