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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spaceman PJs... Handmade Even!

The only thing better than new PJs are brand new PJs hot off the sewing machine from G'ma!
My Mom made all our PJs growing up and I'm so elated that she still wants to make them for Mister H. There is so much attention to detail - coordinating cuffs and pockets, bitchin' mother of pearl snaps... I'm a total material hound & absolutely love the combos she puts together.
They're all kinds of wonderful - we Adore them!

Thanks Mom! I'm so delighted you're so Crafty and Sweet and Thoughtful!!

Of course lil' H is just like:

"Oh come on! For the love of Pete!
I'm so tired of the blog paparazzi!

Will this incredibly cheesy hammed up mug make you stop!?

Let's watch the movie already, Geesh!"

**Note- what's little NutMan holding there? Be still my beating heart. A handsome young man holding a Lunch Box?! Oh My.

Yep, darling P came home from a recent business trip bearing gifts. Shiny new Lunch Box Tins!! One for me & one for H Man. Sweet huh! Boy's off to a good start for his own little collection :)**


G'Ma! said...

Your very welcome, glad that they look so cute on "H", and glad that his mom has such good taste in the cool material she sent me to make them. They look like they fit okay, I was worried, he looks like he has grown so much since the last ones I made. ENJOY!!

Anonymous said...

Nathan accepts hand me downs. Very cute pjs! Don't you want to keep them in the family. :)


andie said...

so does your mom take custom orders?? I want a pair of my very own. Out of that very material!!

Bunny Trails said...

What incredibly fun and sweet pj's and boy! Fun, fun, fun! :D

Dot said...

those are totally adorable! I want some for my boy! you have a very interesting blog -- thanks for stopping by mine!