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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out the Window...

Okay... so for about a month now I've simply been just dying to go to the Pile of Craft event in Baltimore MD.

There are so very many hip and happenin' artists participating! One of which is Cotton Monster... I've been coveting her stuff for ages now. I totally thought this would be a stellar way to pick up one up one of her utterly amazing creatures for my little NutMan. With the added bonus of having a totally kick ass, rock your world weekend in the D.C. area. What could be better?!

Yeah, sure... turns out, lots could be better.

Wouldn't you just know it... Darling P came home from work yesterday with news that my illustrious weekend plans were so completely out the window.

WHAT!!??? Screams I.

At this point there may have been some profanity used... but I'm pretty sure my cerebrospinal fluid (the goop around your brain) began to boil at this stage. Honestly, I really can't remember much after I regained my composure and was able to pull myself from up off the floor.

So not only do I NOT get to go do something I've been yearning and churning to do for the whole entire month -- Major bummer! I also get to stay home alone for a full week with my 2 year old in the pouring rain while Husband gets to go here:

To Yokohama, Japan... Where The P will be... without Me. (sigh)

I gotta tell ya, I really am excited as hell for him! The lucky dratmeister! I'm also absolutely and totally jealous. I would so love to go... if only H Man were a wee bit older. Of course it's a business trip, so it's not all fun and games for The P... but it should still prove to be a radical adventure for him :)

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling a little bit of disappointment over my rockin' weekend getting squashed. So if you've got the weekend free and happen to be in the Baltimore area - Please go and check out this Ultra Hip Indie Art Fest!

Take loads of photos & then be kind enough to share them with me?

Pretty Please?

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