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Monday, March 1, 2010

Favorite TV Shows... Bitchin' Boxes

so... folks are always telling me that you're suppose to scrap about everyday life. you know? the daily grind sort of stuff. hmmm... I don't really get it and have been rather slow to come on board for this. after all, I'd much rather work on something about my Boys!

BUT... I did recently do a couple that I really liked working on and loved the end result. Here's something fun I came up with... a page honoring my all time favorite TV shows. Now granted. We don't really watch TV... so most of these have been caught (thankfully) via Netflix. Ahhhh, gotta love that little red envelope. As many of you know, I sort of have a small lunch box collection. I love me a mini tin. I think it stems from the fact that my Mom always paid for a 'Hot' lunch for me... but secretly, way down deep, I was always so terribly envious of the kids who packed a lunch. I coveted their bitchin' boxes.


You're all jealous as hellfire, aren't you! Isn't it awesome!?
I even made the little lunch box template myself :)

Admit it already, you'd covet that Dexter box too!

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