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Monday, June 15, 2009

Peanut Butter S'mores!!!

I think it's accurate to say, that about the only way I ever consume marshmallows is A) in a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and B) when they're melting away in glorious cup of Cocoa. So between my cold cereal addiction and my never ending hankerin' for hot chocolate it's pretty safe to say that I ingest my fair share of marshmallowie goodness. However, since I simply Don't Do the Camping Thing, I probably haven't enjoyed a heavenly concocted S'more since I was about er- 9 or 10. But as you might have guessed... that's all about to change.

This delightful twist on the classic S'more is sure to have me firing up the chimnea this weekend and sharpening a few roasting sticks in preparation. Imagine: ooey-gooey-sweet slightly (or severely, depending on your tastes) charred marshmallow tempered by bittersweet chocolate cookies and enveloped with salty roasted peanuts.

I Know!

After that orgasmic description it'll be difficult not to salivate on your keyboard. But Please remember that water and electricity don't go together as swimmingly as chocolate and peanut butter. And it would be a Damn shame if you electrocuted yourself before having a chance to sample a few of these bad boys.

Step 1) Spread 1 tablespoon peanut butter onto a thin, crisp chocolate wafer (such as Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers).
Step 2) Slide 1 skewer-toasted marshmallow onto peanut butter.
Step 3) Top with a second wafer and squish down gently.
Step 4) Devour... being careful not to lose a finger.
Step 5) Faint dead away.


Curry said...

We like to use fudge striped cookies. Keebler, Great Value (Walmart brand), whatever you want to fork out the dough for. Now, lacing it with peanut butter...I never thought of that and will definately try the next time which will be in a couple of weeks =P

PB on pancakes is also one of my favorites...ooh and PB on bananas too...or just a big heepin spoonful of it. mmmmmmmmmmmm *drool dripping from tongue*

Holly Crosley said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Those look incredibly wonderful!!! Cannot wait to try them!