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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Hug it Out!

Believe it or not, I actually Don't live under a rock. Sure, I'd heard of Entourage before, but am only just now getting around to seeing it. I don't watch much/if any TV... and most of what I do watch I catch on DVD. Now this is a series I hadn't seriously given much thought. I was only familiar with two of the actors - the first being Jeremy Piven, who on his own would have been compelling enough BUT the other was Kevin Dillion. Which I'm sad to say, is the reason I avoided this series for so terribly long... honestly, I just didn't think I could take Dillion for any extended period without wanting to break out the hand drill and lobotomize myself.

Then, last weekend a friend suggested it. I told him of my misgivings and he blatantly informed me that I was completely off the mark on this one. So... always being one up to a challenge - off I went to reorder my Netflix Queue.

Wow... What a Completely pleasant surprise! And shocker to end all shockers - Kevin Dillion is absolutely Brilliant! I couldn't believe it, he's so damn good that it makes me want take back all the horrendous things I said about him 20 years ago. He's really come a very long way indeed. He's a pure joy to watch here, and I'm happy to stand corrected.

It's also important to note that realistically, there simply wouldn't be a show without Jeremy Piven's masterful portrayal of Ari Gold. Who enters every scene as though he's just been shot out of a cannon. He's amazing and magically caustic.

In my humble opinion - Dillon's Drama and Piven's Ari completely steal the show and shine beyond any expectations I may have had. The writing is sharp and witty, off-color and hysterical. Think Sex and the City for Men. Noting, that in the same vein as SATC, it's not the main story but the sub-plots that make the show work and carry you along. It's an absolute must see with really terrific writing focusing on characters that make you laugh out loud and who often cry out to be bitch slapped. Always a stellar combination in my book and goes a long way to prove that television written for cable (Entourage is on HBO) is so much more enjoyable for me.

Here's one of my favorite Ari scenes to date:
(obscene language ahead... proceed with caution)

I'm just wrapping up season three and think it's my favorite thus far. So many little details to enjoy. Seriously... check it out, in the mind numbing doldrums of current TV offerings - this one is definitely worth the watch, especially when you pay attention to the dialogue.

Hysterical Drama Moments to Relish:

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