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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gifts That Say You Care...

The New Easy Bake Oven
It's New, and unfortunately not-so-improved as it turns out.
The oven caused 77 burns.
16 of them second or third-degree and one that resulted in a partial finger amputation.


It just so happens that when you add water to these little plastic balls -

the coating produces effects similar to GHB -- the date rape drug.

Pleasant. And let's face it, always handy for a first date ice breaker.

Atomic Energy Lab

What's Cooler than having your very own vial of 235U??
Talk about Bitchin'. Oh come on!
It's merely a "very low-level" radioactive source -which, as we all know isn't dangerous at all.
Oh wait -- yes, yes it is.

Avenging Unicorn

Mad at your boss? Boyfriend? Bitchy Best Friend?
How about that truly irritating mime you pass on the street every day?
The Avenging Unicorn will help you vent some of those frustrations.

In a totally legal, albeit in a slightly disturbing, manner.
Impale one of three figurines with one of four interchangeable horns.

Paparazzi Play Set.

Here's a Fabulous gift for your favorite stalker!
Or perhaps you're in need of something special for the A-list celebrity on your list who has everything?
Pick up this paparazzi play set and pair it with the Avenging Unicorn.
They'll be happily occupied for weeks on end.

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