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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Activity Play Mat...

If your weather is anything like mine is (here in Pennsylvania) you're often faced with lots of occasions when playing outside just isn't feasible. Think rain, rain, rain. So in an effort to ensure that our indoor days stay lively I'm always on the look out for different activities and projects to effectively pass the time and hold boredom at bay. I really like things that are both fun and engaging that are sure to keep me and my little 3 year old Henmeister busy, busy, busy.

This Totally Stellar idea from Filth Wizardry is just the ticket!! A Shower Curtain Activity Play Mat -Wow! What a truly Fabulous idea! I adore how easily you can customize it for your child's interests of the moment. I know that one week my H-Man loves Airplanes and the next week he's all about the Animals. At only a Buck a pop - it's easy to keep it current.

Cool ideas I'm going to try:
Space - Rockets, Stars, Planets, and Aliens
Zoo - Animals Galore
Alphabet and Numbers
Creepy Crawly - Bugs, Snakes and Reptiles

The possibilities are endless! So be sure to head on over to Filth Wizardry for all the details on what you'll need to get started on your very own...

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