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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zap Xebra.... Zippy and Zaney

OMG! Couldn't you JUST Die!!??
I'm so stoked I might have ruptured a blood vessel...
with all the squealing and fainting and all.

Zap Xebra: Cost: $11,700. Charge time: 6 hours Range: 25 miles. Top speed: 40 mph. Technically speaking - the Xebra isn't a car. That's because it has only one front wheel, which makes it a motorcycle even though it can amazingly seat up to four. There's even a Rockin' CD player to boot.

I'm tellin' ya -- Whoa... Mamasita Liiiikes.

This kind of stuff just wets my whistle... what.can.I.say! It would be all kinds of Cool to cruise about town in one of these Bitchin' little humdingers. Giddyup!

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Louise said...

As cute and eco-friendly as I must admit this car is, I promise you would never want to drive around MY town in it because it might last 3 or 4 minutes before getting crushed like a bug with all our agressive drivers. So if you get one, you've been warned to not take it here! (Although 25 miles at a time isn't going to get it going on a lot of road trips anyway.)