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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What does your Car Say.... About You?

This week's "This is" theme: What makes me happy...
better late than never.

Odd tidbits about me...

I'm so very lucky. I own a car that IS the sum of all my parts = Retro, funky, foreign, adorable, Rad, sporty, original, quirky and entirely Too Much Fun to Drive. Yeah, if I were a car this is The car I would be. Lots of things make me blissfully happy. This car is at the tippy top of my list. Which BTW is a terribly long, loooong list... What can I say... I'm easy to please and I live a pretty charmed life.
It hasn't always been so, but it's So now ;)

I still remember The Day darling husband and I rounded the corner and I saw her for the first time. When folks speak of love at first sight - this is what they're talking about! My breath caught in my chest! OMG - Is it?? Could it be?? For sale??

It was!! And very quickly she was all mine!

This car is The Epitome of Me. It's my Classic 1973 Saab 96. It's Red and magnificent and makes me smile every Single time I look at it. Even now, after 17 years of ownership. We're talking He-Uge Dorky ear to ear goofy assed kind of grinning. It's fairly safe to speculate that you probably wouldn't ever want to see the absurd look of blissful joy that's plastered all over my face when I drive it.
Did I mention she's a 3 speed column shifter?? Once again - OMG.

I can't seem to find any digital shots of my sweet little ride and don't feel like scanning and uploading... so thank the photo gods for Flickr. This shot looks just my baby... except is missing the Totally Stellar Factory Original Driving Lights [on the front bumper] that Mine has. Such a lovely shot... wouldn't you agree? And believe me... if you've ever wondered what I'm like - this car completely says all you'd ever need to know about me.

Those who already know me --need only say Amen!

Maybe you can't possess the car that IS your metal construction counterpart.
But -- If you could though... what would that car be??

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Bunny Trails said...

What an awesome car! How totally fun. :D

Jackie said...

I looked at this with such envy this afternoon. Didn't think envy was a good comment worthy emotion so I didn't leave one!Now I'm back to tell you I didn't have any cake! My husband bought me a chocolate eclair in the afternoon, but it wasn't a proper sickly chocolate cake..oh well.Better fot me.Thanks for good wishes.

Moiface said...
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Moiface said...

Coolest car ever!

one little acorn said...

Retro, funky, foreign, adorable, Rad, sporty, original, quirky... and though you won't admit it, if you are anything like this car, you must also be hot hot hot! And at the same time very cool too! Go figure!
That car IS fabulous and no wonder you drive around with a grin from ear to ear.
I have a mini cooper s (a new version) which I love. When I bought it, I couldn't believe I was making a choice that was from the heart instead of the head for such a big purchase.
I don't care - I love it!
My partner has a 1978 mini, so we cover the new and the old.
I love your photo - good find on FLICKR.

Tokenhippygirl said...

You and your funky car counterpart should live closer to me, how long has it been since we've seen each other anyway? I loved this post!!

one little acorn said...

So I came back to find out your "This is" theme for this week and your blog is unchanged! But I don't care - I get to have another look at that cool car.