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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Say NO to Plastic Bags -- ReDuce, ReUse & ReCycle


Dr. Marcus Eriksen and researcher Joel Paschal aboard JUNK set sail on a
2,100 mile voyage from Southern California to Hawaii June 1st, 2008

Here’s a very sobering and heart wrenching excerpt from an article by Summer Bowen in the July CONSCIOUS CHOICE magazine.

The amount of plastic debris currently clogging the world’s oceans - 3.5 million tons and (exponentially) growing - is certainly frightening’. AMRF has already made several trips to the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch,’ a swirling vortex of plastic twice the size of the continental United States

AMRF stands for Algalita Marine Research Foundation, whose mission statement is…

to let the world know about the giant plastic soup we have found in the Central Pacific Gyre and other marine locations so that something can be done to halt this increasing problem before it becomes worse than it already is. We do this with K-12 education programs, making presentations locally, at the state, federal and international levels, by the distribution of our signature video Our Synthetic Sea, and through every facet of the media.

The brief article outlined an amazing adventure that began June 1st, 2008, when Dr. Marcus Eriksen, Director of Research and Education for AMRF (chief sponsor of the voyage), and researcher and filmmaker Joel Paschal set sail on a 2,100 mile voyage from Huntington Beach, California to Hawaii, on a vessel named JUNK, made from 15,000 used plastic bottles with a Cessna 310 airplane body for the cabin. Anna Cummins is the land based third member of the team, and will post updates on the two-man crew’s adventures via the JUNK blog.

Do You ReDuce... ReUse... ReCycle the Trash You create!!!!?????

Be Apart of The Solution. Be Aware...
Help Rid Our Planet of the Problem.

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Wow! I do try to reduce my junk.