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Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello Cupcake... Watch Out Martha!

I'm so in love with this book. It's shamefully adorable! The only problem right about now is that we don't really know very many people around here, Yet. Least ways, not enough to warrant making up loads of cake... even if they are just bite sized cakes. We don't eat a lot of sweets ourselves and I've no idea what we'd do with so many. But Man, O Man... when the time is right I'm so gonna whip up a few of these Jim Dandies. I thumb through this delightful book almost daily, it's like indulging in pure eye candy. All the recipes sound so good and the How-to's make the creations look fairly straight forward and simple... what's not to love??!

Aren't they Mahvelous!!??
The Sharks & Life Preservers are probably my Ultra Faves!

As I sit here wringing my hands and daydreaming of the event that will enable me to create a few of these lovelies. Little H's Bday is in about 6 months... perhaps then? Hmmm.... perhaps, perhaps.


Tokenhippygirl said...

I'm with you on the sharks and life preservers! I love those! This post made me incredibly hungry. It's only 9:45 here and I'm cravin' cake! Damn you cake monger, damn you! ;-)

andie said...

are you taking orders?? Inquiring minds want to Know!

Carolyn said...

Just catching up here. I LOVE cupcakes. LOVE.




And thanks for all your visits around my place. I'm a s**t for not stopping around here more often. That darn sunshine is keeping me away from the computer. Silly Vitamin D producing ball of fire.