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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Cost of Healing...

Well, after just Five sessions of Muscle Massage Therapy I'm starting to feel much better. Of course I still probably have about 3 -4 more rounds to go... but they'll be spread over a month or so, instead of compressed all into one week.

Oh BTW. Did I happen to mention that they run about 60 bones a session???

And it's probably NOT worth mentioning that insurance totally doesn't cover any of it either.
Big, He-Uge Shocker ain't it!! Swell eh?

I sure would have preferred to use that dough on something a whole lot cooler.

Stuff like this:

1) a fetching New Lens for my camera... or Two!
2) a Felting /Embellishing Machine
3) a new buffet for the dining room... if I could ever just find one that's 36" high.
4) a cool Zuca Bag... for hauling all our crap around on outings, plus I'd love the handy seat option - for while lil' H is dinkin' about.
5) down payment on a new Whirlpool Laundry Set
6) a handy dandy Dyson Animal... Cuz I have 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 Males, I Need this bad boy!
7) down payment on one of these John Deere Humdingers... cuz the Dahling Husband needs love too.
8) a Sony DVD Camcorder... for my Sweetheart
9) to go towards new Patio Furniture... again, I'm too picky. Nothings quite right.
10) an Uber cool pair of MBT Mary Janes

I do suppose however, in the end, that being able to move about is cool enough for me.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Does Muscle Massage Therapy include acupunture? Just wondering considering your cute cartoon...

If it doesn't, you should really look into acupunctre. I swear by it. You will be doing cartwheels in no time. (Well maybe not cartwheels...) And besides, what fun would all those wish list items be if you couldn't actually move?

Oh. And I'm salivating over that Sigma lens link. And do get the Dyson, you won't regret it. We LOVE ours.