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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Burning to Watch...

I don't watch much TV. Actually, one might say I pretty much Hate what TV has become in recent years. Reality TV makes me want to induce projectile vomiting. I can't imagine why on earth folks watch crap like Survivor, Dog the Bounty Hunter, American Idol, The Bachelor.... hold that thought - I've got to take a heavy hit of Kaopectate. Just the thought of having to sit through the visual torture is causing strange occurrences in my bowels. Ugh. Really?? Folks. Watch. This. Crap??

Dancing with the Stars??? Intervention?????!!! OMG. I'd rather stab myself in the thigh with a pair of chop sticks. Repeatedly. Or partake in a little trepanation - anyone, anyone?

Now... before you start foaming at the mouth and urinating on the rug - just stop right there. Calm down, breathe. Note: nasty comments will be deleted. No insult is intended - afterall, I Honestly wouldn't think YOU could ever Willingly watch Reality TV. If you do so, well, there's not a whole lot more I can say to that. I can't, don't, won't ever understand how people can devote their valuable time on such tripe. If I wanted to watch people make utter asses of themselves for money I'd simply give up my full time Mom gig and go back to work. But before we witness a scene from Scanners let me tell you a little secret. I like really bad retro TV. You know... the stuff you can see on Nick at Nite [is that even still on?] and the Hallmark Channel. Shit like The Rockford Files, Simon & Simon, Barretta, Columbo, The Equalizer, MacGyver and my All Time Favorite Murder She Wrote [honestly]. And just to prove there are no hard feelings - I actually OWN every season of Murder She Wrote that's been released thus far [we're up to 8 now]. Pathetic I know. Still wanting to feel rectified? Does the fact that I basically have every episode memorized help? I suppose in the end, we all have our weaknesses.

I miss the fun and entertaining lame-ass TV shows of yester year. So you can just imagine my delight when I discovered Burn Notice on USA. It's got all the terrific elements of TV I like - for example: It's a real show - ya know with writing and actors and TV stuff. It's got Bruce Campbell [as Sam] to boot!! One of the best side kicks around if you ask me... well, except for The Closer's Tony Denison (Det. Flynn) and his pal G.W. Bailey (Provenza) - they're completely awesome and the only other current TV I watch.

Sure there were issues with the Pilot and the first season... Gabrielle Anwar's [Fiona] horrifying attempt at an Irish accent was gut wrenchingly bad - down right painful in fact. And what was up with Sharon Gless's wig?? I dunno... but thankfully they're both Long Gone now. Whew! It's like a modernized, cooler, hipper, quirkier, more cynical version of classic TV - and Jeffrey Donovan is wonderfully diverting as Michael Westen. The writing is really shaping up with the new season... like everyone is getting their groove on and the characters are seriously clicking together. Take a peek if you haven't already - there are Surely much Worse ways to spend an hour of your time ;) And despite what the following ad says - it can be seen on USA at 10pm on Thursdays.


andie said...

Oh! Oh! I love this show. I can totally see why you like it too - Mike Westen is sort of like the younger spy version of Dirty Harry! I know you're completely diggin' on that ;)

dianne - bunny trails said...

LOL!! I'm totally with you about disliking the garbage on tv these days. We don't have cable or satellite, but we recently got HD converter boxes, which provided access to a nifty little channel called RTN - Retro TV Network. It has the type of shows you mentioned - Rockford Files, Knight Rider, Simon & Simon, Perry Mason, Hawaii 5-0 and on it goes. What cracks me up is that my kids are digging this channel!

My only tv vices? Lost, Monk, and Psych.