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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Mom Rocks! Literally...

Generally speaking our house is really quiet. I don't like a lot of noise and don't want to be bogged down by a bunch of racket. Things like TVs blaring annoy the hell out of me. What's really funny about this fact is that it doesn't apply whatsoever to music. In the case of music, my motto is: 'If it's too loud, you're too old'. Last night The P got home from work and instantly turned the stereo down about 6 notches. Hey! The little H Man & I happen to love listening and dancing to our music throughout the day. We're not always contributing to the neighborhood's noise pollution but when you hear something catchy - frankly, IMHO, it doesn't sound as good unless you can Hear it and you just can't Hear it as well unless the windows are vibrating.

Where did this come from... plain and simple - My Mom. Without a doubt, my Mom is completely, and utterly 100% to blame. Growing up my Mom wasn't your average run of the mill Mom. Sure she baked and did crafts with us, but my Mom's true passion was music. She had a stereo system so awesome that it would make today's Car Thumpers weak in the knees. One particularly awesome memory... Mom used to open all the windows in the house and spin the track "Another Brick in the Wall pt2" by Pink Floyd (The Wall Album) so loud that all 6 speakers roared, the glass rattled and my little brother would actually think the helicopter at the beginning was landing on the roof of the house.

Good times :)

My Mom's love of music really became ingrained in me. And to this day - Music just doesn't sound as good unless you can feel the rhythm through the floor boards. I've put together a little mix of songs I vividly remember my Mom playing over and over for us when we were little. Until we each had all the lyrics down pat, so we could belt them out in unison. The year of The Wall memory was 1979, I was 7 years old... and it was the year I first heard The Clash - setting my own love of music in motion. Much to the chagrin of Mom - who used to sing along to "Should I Stay or Go Now".... "You Should Go Now... Go, go, go Now!" Thanks Mom - You Rock :)

What did you groove to with your Mom? Do you remember the first Group or music that resonated with You? Leave a note and Share with the Class!

*Note: I couldn't find an online track off The Wall that included the helicopter... & it's just not the same without it... so it's missing from the mix.**


Mom said...

What a wonderful compliment, (blush) :) thanks for not telling everyone that I used to dance all over the house to that music too. It was nice to have kids that liked my music too and always listened to it with me. Music should always be nice to anyones ears, no matter what your taste may be. I still love rock n roll. When feeling a bit down, turn up the music, it helps!!

Carolyn said...

Few comments:
1. Your mom sounds awesome.
2. You're right. The Wall just isn't the same without the helicopter.
3. The Clash rules. London Calling is one of my all time favourite albums. Top Ten at least.
4. We must be about the same age. I was 7 in 1979 too. Born September 1972. You?
5. My dad was the music aficionado in the family. He built his own speakers because he couldn’t buy any good enough to meet his exacting standards.
6. My dad had great taste in music and would blast everything from Earth, Wind and Fire to The Who around our house. Oh and the soundtrack to West Side Story. He was all over the place, but I loved it.
7. My fondest childhood music memory was listening to The Eagles on eight-track on a cross-country road trip. It was one of only 3 eight-tracks we had with us. The lyrics are imprinted on my DNA.
8. My three-year-old has no interest in kiddie music. Her favourites right now are Jamiroquai, Kanye West and Franz Ferdinand. Eclectic kid.

Fun post. Thanks for sharing!

Bunny Trails said...

That's so fun to hear someone else who has a rockin' mom.

My cozy, warm, homey memories include the likes of Bob Dylan, Jethro Tull, and Van Morrison. People laugh when I get all nostalic hearing their songs. They say it just doesn't jive. What can I say, I have a hip mom. She still has a better music collection than I do. :D