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Friday, May 23, 2008

Buried Treasure...of Sorts

Sometimes unpacking boxes you didn't pack can be frustrating. Like when I found the free weights from my treadmill in a fabric box from the studio. Since these items were located in two different rooms on opposite sides of our old house... well, it really makes you scratch your head. So imagine my surprise today while I was unloading a box from our old up stairs linen closet and unearthed this beauty! A half done project that I'm pretty sure was in my "gonna get done someday" cabinet in our old family room (you know, the work on while watching a movie projects)... which were not only on opposites sides of the house but also on different floors. I don't pretend to understand it... but was delighted by the discovery.

Of course, as with anything you come back to at a much later time, it's difficult to remember what the original inspiration was or what you had in store for it. The doubts creep in - like, would you still choose the same colors or composition. That's an upside of selling your work - you never get the chance for self doubt after the fact. This poor thing has been "under construction" since my little guy was born... eh, he's two now. Well, it's no wonder really - what nimrod thought all this random (takes an eternity) stitching was a good idea for somebody whose as quick as a snail with rigor mortis at handwork ... Don't look at me.

If I don't come up with a plan for this one soon... perhaps someone out in Never Land has an idea and would want to take over.

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